Business Cards - Untapped Potential

Working in this industry I constantly come across businesses that don't put any thought or effort into such an important part of their brand; their business card. In a lot of cases this is the very first touch point of your brand and business, so it baffles me to think people don't consider this little card important.

Being the perfectionist that I am, I probably spent about a year designing and creating my business card. Although they cost me just under $2 per card, it was definitely worth the investment. Every networking event or meeting I attend I always get complimented on my business card, which ultimately starts the conversation about what I do. As much as I love the positive feedback, I didn't create the card for flattery. The sole purpose of my business card is to leave a lasting impression. Think back to when you last handed over one of your cards - I can bet my bottom dollar they almost immediately filed it into their folder or randomly placed it in their wallet. Unless you have already built a connection with that person, what is the likelihood of them pulling out your business card again if you haven't left them with something memorable?

Your business card is your first and lasting impression on the people you meet. It portrays your commitment, attention to detail and your professionalism. Whether you realise it or not, people do base their decisions on how a business looks (AKA the brand). You could have an amazing service and offer a very competitive price, but if you can't show that through your brand material then you may actually be loosing more clients than you think.

My business card is a direct reflection of my work so naturally I wanted something unique. What if you could deliver a card that was unexpected; now that would leave people talking, don't you think? Get clever with the size, how it feels and the overall design. You don't have to spend big to make an impact, you just need a little thought and creativity.

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Amanda Lowry