From my presentation at QUT Brisbane. To see the full clip, visit www.amandalowry.com.au

A question I get asked quite often is "Why is branding so important for a business?" - Well here's my answer!
Partnerships are important in the growth of your business but how do you know who to partner with? It's an import decision that shouldn't be taken lightly.


You may have seen the Integrated Bodies Logo already, now see how it was developed. Design requires a little experimentation at times and this was no different. This clip is a great example of the trial and error that can go into designing a logo and the many steps it can take to getting it just right.

See how I brought the Sic Surface logo to life.

The Sharp Social logo was a concept design for a brand looking at different name and design options. If you ask me, this concept is almost good to go.
I'm all about creating something unique for my clients and what's more unique than a custom font?

This weeks Behind The Brand is the TAS logo. Wordmarks can be ideal as a logo for the right brand and for TAS, it was the perfect fit.


With a brand that is going to have multiple branches, it's important to have a logo that can adapt to each. That's what I did with Smart, using different colours in the branding to identify each seperate branch, while keeping it unified at the same time.

Cohere Content Studio wanted a business card that stood out, that drew the eye and demanded attention. With the raised silver foiling popping off that bright orange, I like to think it does just that.

When designing a business card, sometimes the answer is right in front of you. The logo for Medi Freight almost makes up the entire front of this card, with the red arrow creating the perfect break to transition into a patterned raised varnish collage of the logo itself.

The cards for Bob Gunn Termite Solutions needed a little something special. So with a bit of raised varnish, I gave them some texture, allowing their clients to feel the little critters 'crawling' all over the card.

You've seen the Smart Social cards, now see how the different branches of the Smart brand come together. By allowing the logo to be interchangeable with its colour and wording, we can tweak it from branch to branch while still keeping the brand consistent.
With these Club Coops cards, it's all about that purple. The clean, neutral background really gives the classic colour room to shine (and a bit of raised varnish helps as well).

The Just Breathe & Be brand, focusing on life coaching, needed a calming card that represented the calm they bring in their clients life. The light green with the Dandelion graphic really brings this feeling to the forefront of the card and the first impression they give their potential clients.

Wendy's brand has been constantly evolving over the years. Always one to stay fresh and relevant, we armed her with a new set of cards with as much flair as she has. With the silver foiling catching the light as well as peoples eyes, these cards are ready to take on the town.

Check out the sic surface on these bad boys. 450gsm artboard with a velvet laminate and raised varnish. So much texture their clients won't want to put the card down.

If you thought we were done with the Integrated Bodies cards then think again. We went all out and gave both Jorja and Brayden their own personal cards, each with a different coloured finish to call their own.