3 Stand-Out Benefits Of Customised Christmas Cards

In the lead up to the end of the year, it’s no doubt you’re probably thinking about how to wrap up the year on a good note. 

The looming Christmas deadline that we all unconsciously (or consciously for that matter) work toward is fast approaching and for those of you organised people, I bet the thought of Christmas Cards has recently popped into your head.


After all, sending Christmas Cards to our clients, our best suppliers, contractors, referral partners, industry colleagues, friends and family members is just what you do, right?

Well, the debate I’m hearing around the traps of late is whether it IS in fact a good idea to be sending clients Christmas Cards. 

Some say it’s creepy to do so, yet others swear by it, claiming it’s a good touch point to reach out to your clients and remind them you’re still here, and ready to do business when the time is right.

Either way, my take on Christmas Cards from a branding perspective is this…

It is a great brand awareness tool but you should design your own.

Most people think this is a costly exercise and write it off in exchange of the bulk pack of generic cards they can buy from the newsagency for less than $20, but in reality, the extra cost is soooo worth it. Here's why.

Sure, I’m a branding expert and of course I would say this, but talk to any of my clients who have gone down the road of designing and printing their own unique style of Christmas cards, and they’ll swear by it. 

Here’s the benefits you get out of custom Christmas cards:

  1. They’ll stand out. Imagine your branded card sitting on the side table along with all the other generic cards. If you design them right, they’ll get noticed, and this is EXACTLY what you want when family and friends are coming round during the silly season. It can be simple gestures like a Christmas card that keep you top of mind.

  2. You can customise your message. Rather than have the standard, “Seasons greetings for 2019” (BORING!) your message can be a lot more personal and really speak to your clients in a way that puts your best foot forward. I would highly recommend adding a hand written personal note to each card. This adds huge value to the recipient and shows that you actually made an effort.

  3. You can use them again next year. If you order in bulk, the cost will come down significantly and you can use the left over ones again next year for new clients. 

So there you have it. 

3 reasons why opting for customised Christmas cards this year will give you and your business the branding edge over competitors!

If custom cards are on your wish list this year, I’m taking orders now so they’re ready to go just in time for the 25th.  Orders for Christmas cards will close 30th November.

Send me an email at brand@amandalowry.com.au to place your order.

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